Android app use

Management of pending notes

Your customer does not pay you right away ? No problem, your Cash register allows you to put one or more tickets on hold and resume them at any time.

Putting a ticket on hold

  1. Select a sales mode at the bottom of the main screen, a new ticket is opening.
  2. Select the product section and choose the product(s), they appear on the note bit by bit
  3. Click on Save to put your ticket on hold

Then, the ticket is put on hold and appears on the main screen of your Cash register in the Pending notes tab.

Trick : add a comment to your ticket in order to find it more easily 


Resume a ticket

From the main screen, the list of tickets on hold appears sorted by sales mode.

  1. From the main screen, find the ticket you want to resume and select it
  2. Resume where you stopped, finish your cashing or add new products to the ticket before putting it back on hold

Trick : in order to view tickets on hold of another sales mode, drag the main screen to the right or to the left.