Android app use

Cash register opening and closing

Cash register opening

Opening your Cash register is quick and simple :

  1. Click on Open Cash register
  2. Indicate the date
  3. Validate

Trick : your Cash register offers you the possibility to manage as many services as you want, practical if you are a restaurant owner. When the first service is closed, if you open a second service it will automatically take the next number. You hold a shop or other business and don’t manage services ? Open only the first service !


Cash register closing

Closing your Cash register is also simple :

  1. From the main screen, click on Close Cash register
  2. Choose one of these two options :
    – closing the service : this option allows you to close the service if your day is not over. You can then open your Cash register again for a second service.
    – closing the day : this option allows you to definitively close your day. The synchronization of your data is done and your Cash register displays your daily results that you can either print or send by mail.

Trick : if you want the full detail of your invoices, this option can be set from the Settings menu at the top-right of the main screen.