Android app use

Entering and cashing a ticket

Enter a new ticket

Everything starts here ! Let’s take a look at the procedure to follow :

  1. Select the sales mode at the bottom of your Cash register’s main screen. A new ticket opens.
  2. Select the product section and then the product(s). The products appear on the detail of the note.


Fast checkout

You decide to quickly cash your client without further delay ? Select the mean of payment at the top of the screen. Then, the ticket is completely cashed by using the selected mean of payment.


Multiple checkout

Your customer decides to pay you with several means of payment.

  1. Click on Invoice, the receipt screen will appear.
  2. Select the first mean of payment, indicate the amount and validate. The mean of payment appears on the right side of the screen as well as the balance of the ticket
  3. Then, select the second mean of payment, indicate the amount and validate


When the cashing is finished, the ticket is completely cashed and disappears. You can find it from the main screen in the Invoice history.