Backoffice setup

Webshop shipments setup – Backoffice

The shipping management on your online store allows you to send your products by post and to set shipping costs depending on the weight of your items and the shipping area.


  1. Click on Orders and then on Shipments management
  2. Define the grouping associated to the shipments
    You can create a grouping dedicated to delivery, the VAT rate will be applied to deliveries (see how to create a grouping)
  3. Define the sales mode(s) associated to the shipments
    You can choose several sales modes if you take orders on the phone and on your online store for example (see how to create a sales mode)
  4. Click on + at the bottom right corner of the screen to create a shipment charges category
  5. Click on Use a default template and choose the shipping area you want to add
    If the default templates don’t suit you, don’t select anything and leave the box “–” to create your own shipping costs
  6. Change the name of the category if you want to
  7. Indicate the countries involved in these shipping charges for international shipments
  8. Choose the point of sale associated to these shipping charges
  9. If you’ve chosen a default template, then the Shipments management section is already pre-filled
    These are the official weight rates published by Royal Mail. You can change these rates according to your convenience.
  10. If you’ve not chosen a default template, then you can complete the Shipments management section with the weights and prices you want to apply
  11. Add a Mondial Relay account in order to benefit from the Webservice, by clicking on + to the right of Mondial Relay Accounts, enter your brand code, private key and choose at which points of sale it must be active
  12. Click on Validate at the bottom right corner of the screen

In order to modify the existing shipment charges, click on the blue pen of the concerned category.