Backoffice setup

Webshop deliveries setup – Backoffice

The delivery management on your online store allows you to deliver your products to your clients depending on the delivery areas you want to serve and to configure shipping costs according to the locality of your clients.

  1. Click on Orders and then on Delivery management
  2. Define the grouping associated to the delivery charges
    You can create a grouping dedicated to delivery, the VAT rate will be applied to deliveries (see how to create a grouping)
  3. Define the sales mode(s) associated to the deliveries
    You can choose several sales modes if you take orders on the phone and on your online store for example (see how to create a sales mode)
  4. Click on Add a delivery area at the bottom right corner of the screen
  5. Enter the postcode of the delivery area you want to create
  6. Choose the city linked to the postcode
  7. Enter the delivery charges amount you want to apply
    If the delivery is free for a specific delivery area, enter 0
  8. Click on Validate

Info : in order to delete a delivery area, click on the red bin of the area to remove on the right of the screen