Android app setup

Sign in / Log in

After installing the application on your Android device, you only need to enter your login, which usually corresponds to your email address and password.

First connection

For your first connection, the application will ask you to complete the following information :

  • Select your activity, typical products will be created so you can directly start the billing experience.
  • Personal information (name, last name, first name, phone…) in order to automatically complete the information that will appear on your receipt.
  • Administrator password, this password is the one from the main user, he has a whole access to the software. Define it and don’t forget it ! You can change it later in the user management.

Once this information completed, the application will start so you can start cashing your first customers. Some products linked with your activity have already been created for you, free to you then to modify them or to create new ones. Fore more information, go to the section Product management.


Simply launch your Cash register application and complete your user ID, validate.
You’re now connected and can start working.


In order to disconnect your account from the application, you first need to ensure that all your payments are completed and that your service is closed.
Then, you have to click on the three points at the top-right corner of the main screen and then click on Disconnection / Logout.