Android app setup

Luncheon voucher assets management

All the operations linked to the creation or modification must be done when your cash register is connected to the Internet.

Configuration and set up

  1. Click on My data > Means of payment
  2. Activate the means of payment you accept which are compatible with the voucher assets management (Luncheon voucher, Restaurant Pass…)(Go to the section Means of payment Management)
  3. Click on Settings on the Asset line
  4. Activate the assets management on the vouchers you want
  5. Define if these assets may be used on :
    All your points of sale : if you have several stores and points of sale, your client can use his asset on each of them
    Only at the point of sale of issue : your client may use his asset only at the point of sale from which it was issued
  6. Set up the number of validity days of your asset
    Once the date of validity exceeded, the asset will no longer be usable by your client, except exception and permission on your part
  7. Click on Validate

Your assets are now configured !
In order to know how to use the assets on your cash register, go to the section Use of luncheon vouchers assets.