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Creating products (Express entry) | Backoffice

Creating products with the Express entry is very effective and offers you the possibility to create all your products as if your completing an Excel file.

Creating products with the Express entry

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Products / Formulas
  2. Click on Express entry
  3. Complete the table, you can use your keyboard to move from one cell to another
  4. Validate, your products are automatically created

Careful : The price entered applies to all your active sales modes and the VAT rate applies to the new sections created. If you select an existing section, the existing VAT rate will be retained.
Now, you must check that the VAT rates assigned to the groupings are correct. To do so, go to the section Grouping management / VAT rates. You also need to make sure that each product section is associated with the right grouping. To do so, please go to the section Section management.