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Grouping management / VAT rates – Backoffice

The groupings are the basics of your management, they allow you to efficiently manage the distribution of your product sections and they can be assigned one or two different VAT rates.
It can be useful if you have a restaurant and propose a formula including an alcoholic drink.

For example : The “ALCOHOLS” code groups all the alcohols sales such as wine, liqueurs or aperitifs and distribute 100 % of VAT to the normal rate (20 % VAT).
The “MENU + ALCOHOL” code groups all the formula sales in which there is an alcoholic drink and food. Then, you must indicate the normal rate percentage (20% VAT) and the reduce rate percentage (10% VAT).


VAT rates setup

You can configure and customize up to 5 VAT rates on your cash register. The main rates are already defined so you can modify them at any time.

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Groupings & Taxes
  2. Click on the Taxes tab
  3. Select the VAT rate to modify
  4. You can change its name and its rate
  5. Click on Modify


Creating a grouping

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Groupings & Taxes
  2. Click on the Groupings tab
  3. Click on +, at the bottom right corner of the screen
  4. Fill in the name of the grouping
  5. Indicate the N°1 VAT rate and the distribution in percentage
    By default, you’ll only have one VAT rate per grouping, except if you propose a formula for alcoholic drinks for example.
  6. Indicate the N°2 VAT rate and the distribution in percentage
    In the case of a formula including alcoholic drinks, you can set a second VAT rate and indicate the distribution percentage of both VAT rates (for example 80% and 20%)
  7. Validate

Trick : each grouping will be assigned to a product section et and product from the section will be allocated to the grouping VAT rate. It’s also possible to change the grouping directly on the product according to its sales method, which allows to vary the VAT rate depending on the sales method. For example, a drink sold on site may be at a 10% VAT rate and a drink sold to take away at a 5.5% VAT rate.


Removing a grouping

Removing a grouping can only be performed if it’s not used by a product section or by a product.
If you want to delete a grouping, you must first modify each section or each product that uses this grouping and replace it with another grouping.

  1. From the main screen, Click on  Data > Groupings & Taxes
  2. Choose the grouping to delete
  3. Click on Delete, the red bin icon
  4. Confirm

Then, the grouping is permanently deleted from your data.