Backoffice setup

Sales mode management – Backoffice

The sales modes allow you to have information and statistics on how your products are consumed and to modify the sales price and VAT of your items.
You can also set the automatic opening of a new note after each receipt / collection.


Creating a sales mode

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Sales mode
  2. Click on +, at the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Fill in the name of the sales mode
  4. Choose the point(s) of sale associated to this sales mode
  5. Activate on the billing
  6. You can activate the management of the production levels on this sales mode
  7. If necessary, tick the box New bill automatic opening
    Thanks to this option, you can make one bill after another without interruption
    At each end of collection, a new ticket is automatically opened
  8. If necessary, tick the box Put the notes on hold before collection
  9. Choose if you accept the orders on this sales mode and decide if you want to activate it on your Webshop
  10. You can duplicate the prices of an existing sales mode
  11. Validate the creation of your sales method

This sales method is now available on each product and allows you to set a specific price or to associate a different grouping so that VAT is modified depending on the sales method.
A button also appears on the main screen, it allows you to open a new ticket with this sales method.


Archiving / Removing a sales mode

You have two possibilities to remove a sales method from your main screen : archiving or permanent deletion.

· Archiving a sales method

Archiving a sales method allows you to remove it from the main screen while keeping it in your data so you can reuse it later.

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Sales modes
  2. Choose the sales mode you want to archive
  3. On the right of it, you can switch it off

The sales mode remains in your data, it appears in grey and disappears from the main screen.
In order to restore it, you must do the same operation and switch it on.

· Deleting a sales mode

Deleting a sales mode allows you to remove it from the sales screen but also to permanently delete it from your data. This sales mode will be kept in your invoice history and also in your sales data.

  1. From the main screen, click on Data > Sales modes
  2. Choose the sales mode to remove
  3. Then, click on the bin that appears on the right
  4. Confirm

The sales mode is now permanently deleted from your data.