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Putting a ticket on hold and take it back – MiniPOS

Putting a ticket on hold

The application allows you to put several notes on hold before ending the cashing / collection. It can be useful if your client has not finished his purchases and you want to cash another client without losing the note of your first client.

To do so, you have two possibilities :

  • From the note entry screen
  1. Click on the arrow at the top left corner of the note entry screen
  2. Click on Save

Important : when you press the arrow and if you want to cancel the operation to return to the note entry screen, just press the green button of the keypad

  • From the summary screen
  1. Click on Memo at the bottom left corner of the screen
  2. Click on Save

Then, your note is saved and you can see it in the Pending history menu.


Take-back a pending note

  • From the main screen
  1. Click on Pending history, the pending notes list appears
  2. Click on the three bars on the right of the note
  3. Click on :
    – Modify if you want to continue entering and / or cashing
    – Delete if you want to permanently remove the note