MiniPOS use

Opening and entering a note – MiniPOS

Entering a note

  1. Click on New note, the list of the products appears
    The list of products from the section are classified at the top – you can modify the ordering on your Backoffice
  2. Select the section at the bottom left corner of the screen
  3. Select the products directly on the touch screen
    – You can also enter a quantity using the numeric keypad after selecting the desired product; this quantity will be applied to the product
    – If you enter zero, the product is removed from the note
    – When the product is in “free price”, once selected, the price entry tab appears, you must then enter the price in pennies by using the numeric keypad and confirm with the button Validate or the green button on the numeric keypad
  4. Click on Validate (or use the green button) to display the summary of your ticket and go to cashing


Change the sales mode

You can always change the sales mode of your ticket. To do so, from the entry screen note :

  1. Click on the sales mode at the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select the sales mode you want

Info : the left side of the sales mode selection screen allows you to scroll through the list of the sales mode. The right side of the screen allows you to select the sales mode you want.