Receipt printers

Bluetooth printers

Your cash register connects directly to your receipt printer in order to print your receipts, your production levels for the kitchen and your daily reports.

Info : the French law requires any merchant to deliver to the client a receipt when the amount of the purchase exceeds € 25 or if the client asks you.
If the amount is less than €25, you can still issue a receipt attesting the purchase, if you don’t, then you’re obliged to display the total amount to the customer with the help of a customer display.
To learn more about customer displays, please go to the section Customer displays.

Info : a few limitations are related to the use of the Bluetooth technology :
– A Bluetooth printer can’t be used by multiple cash register (1 cash register = 1 Bluetooth printer). On the other hand, a cash register can be connected to several Bluetooth printers.
– The Bluetooth range is limited to around 10 meters, then we don’t recommend it as kitchen printers.

Supported Bluetooth printers :

See the list of the supported Bluetooth printers


Printer setup :

· Necessary equipment :

  • A compatible receipt printer
  • The power cord

Info : the Bluetooth connection is really reliable, we recommend it if you need only one printer, otherwise prefer Ethernet printers.


· Connections :

  1. Connect the printer to an electrical outlet using the power cord
  2. Load the printer with paper and turn on the printer with the power switch. The printer light turns on
  3. Pair the Android tablet or Android POS with the printer via Bluetooth


· Pairing the printer with Bluetooth :

  1. Access the Bluetooth settings of your Android device, Settings > Wireless & Networks
  2. Activate the Bluetooth on your device
    The credentials of all nearby Bluetooth devices are then displayed on your tablet
    If your mobile device stops searching before your Bluetooth device is ready, click on Find devices.
  3. Click on your Bluetooth printer ID in the list

To complete the association, please follow the instructions provided. If you have to enter a passcode, try 0000 or 1234 (the most common access codes) or see the printer’s documentation to get the code. If the association succeeds, your device connects to the printer.

For more information on Android Bluetooth settings, please visit :

Congratulations ! Your receipt printer is now associated with your Android device !


· Adding the Bluetooth printer on your cash register :

· On the cash register :
  1. From the main screen, click on Peripherals at the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click on + Add
  3. Fill in the name of the printer
  4. Set the type of printing, Ticket and Prints
    Your single printer can be used both as a receipt printer and a preparation printer. Or prefer a printer for your tickets and one or more printers for your preparations. The configurations are multiple !
    In addition, if the box Tickets and Prints is ticked, it’s possible to select the items for which the editions will be printed on the printer. (Be careful to the limit of a single Bluetooth printer per cash register, you can however associate a Bluetooth printer and several Ethernet printers).
  5. Select the type of connection Bluetooth and click on the name of your printer
  6. On Template, set the printer model
  7. Set the ticket printing width on 80mm or 57mm (Ticket width)
  8. Click on Test
    Then, the printer is printing a ticket which confirms that the association went well
  9. Click on Add to validate your printer setup.


· Setting the actions of my printers :

Three options are at your disposal and allow you to indicate when your receipt or preparation ticket must be printed.
You can find these options in Settings > Automatic printing.
They can all be selected, or only one by one.
You should know that if you don’t select anything, the application will offer you the possibility to manually print your ticket by clicking on the Note button on the cashing screen.

  • Before cashing / collection

This option allows you to automatically print the ticket before cashing. It’s useful if you give the bill to your client before cashing it, which is the case in restaurants for example.

  • When cashed / After payment

This option allows you to automatically print the ticket after cashing. This option can be selected alone, or combined with the first option and in this case, the application will print a ticket before and a second after cashing.

  • Preparation / Delivery order

This option allows you to automatically print the preparation order at the moment when your note is put on hold or when you go to the cashing screen.