Customer display

Customer displays

The customer display remains the most effective way to better inform your client of the total amount of the order. It can also display a welcome message or a promotional message. In addition, in some cases, it’s mandatory.

Info : the French law requires any merchant to deliver to the client a receipt when the amount of the purchase exceeds € 25 or if the client asks you.
If the amount is less than €25, you can still issue a receipt attesting the purchase, if you don’t, then you’re obliged to display the total amount to the customer with the help of a customer display.
To learn more about receipt printers, please go to the section Ethernet Printers.


Supported customer displays :

  • Fülle Display, download the app for free on your Backoffice
  • Star SCD 222

Consult the list of the supported customer displays.


Customer display setup :

There is absolutely nothing to do, you just have to connect the display and quit and restart the application. The display is connected and automatically detected by your cash register.
Of course, you can configure the Welcome message that appears on the customer display by following the procedure described in the section Default message of the customer display.