Webshop setup – Backoffice

What’s the Webshop ?

Create in a few clicks and without any knowledge your own online store.
Benefit from a professional e-commerce page for your business where your clients can place an order, pay online and pick it up or have it delivered.
Open a new sales channel, accessible 24 hours a day for your clients and increase your revenues.
All the orders placed via your Webshop are then synchronised to your cash register. Preparation, management and billing are simplified and centralised.

The Webshop setup can be done only from your Backoffice.

Modify / Add a banner for your Webshop

The banner will be displayed in the header of your online store and will allow your clients to easily identify your shop.
The banner format must be 1200 pixels wide and 350 pixels high, in JPEG or PNG format.

Here’s how to download your banner from your Backoffice :

  1. Click on Point of Sale and then on Establishment
  2. Click on the pen to the right of the desired point of sale
  3. Click on Click here to insert a banner
  4. Select your banner
  5. Click on Validate at the bottom right corner of the screen

Your banner is now uploaded and displayed on your online store.

Info : you can insert different banners depending on your points of sale and establishments so your clients correctly distinguish each of them.

Setup my business opening hours

Setting up your business time slots for online orders is very important, it corresponds to the times when your clients can pick up their orders at your point of sale.
Your online store is accessible 24 hours a day and you can customise your opening hours for the recovery of the order.

From your Backoffice :
  1. Click on Point of sale and then on Establishment
  2. Click on the pen to the right of the desired point of sale
  3. Scroll down the page and add your schedules according to the days
    You can add several time slots if your shop is closed during lunch time for example
  4. Click on Validate at the bottom right corner of the screen

Your opening hours are now setup and you can do the same operation for your other points of sale or establishments.

Setup a sales mode for online sales

We advise you to create a specific sales mode for online sales, which will allow you to set a specific price per product for products sold online, a specific VAT and specific loyalty conditions.

You will also be able to deactivate online sales by disabling the sales mode created specifically so that your online store will appear as closed during your holidays or exceptional closures of your shop.

Finally, you can create multiple sales modes for your online store to offer your client many ways to recover his order. These sales modes could be “Click & Collect”, “In-store pick up”, “Delivery”, “Shipping”…

From your Backoffice :
  1. Click on Data > Sales modes
  2. Click on + at the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Fill in the name of this new sales mode (ex : Delivery, Click&Collect, Shipping…)
  4. Select the point of sale associated to this sales mode
  5. Scroll down and on the Webshop section (grey section), switch on the button “Active on online orders” to be green
  6. Enter the minimum amount
    Your client will be obliged to place an order that will be greater than or equal to the amount you defined
  7. Set the value of your time slot so you can block a maximum number of orders over a time slot
  8. Set the maximum number of orders on this time slot
  9. Set the minimum time (in minutes) between order taking and client recovery
    Remember to give yourself enough time to prepare your orders
  10. Duplicate the prices of an existing sales mode for your online orders
    If you want to keep the same prices on your online store as another sales mode, select the corresponding sales mode. You will also be able after to modify certain products to adjust the sales price on your online store
  11. Validate


Time slots setup 

By default, you can define a time slot from the configuration of your sales mode, the time slot is set to 15 minutes and allows your client to order by choosing a fixed schedule between your opening hours.

However, in specific cases, you would like to offer your clients different and customised time slots. You can set customised time slots (morning, dinner service, early morning, evening…) that your client can choose when ordering. For this :

From your Backoffice :
  1. Click on Orders > Configuration
  2. Click on the Time slots tab
  3. Click on + at the top right corner of the screen
  4. Fill in the name of your time slot (ex : morning, afternoon, evening…) and choose the starting and ending hours of the time slot
  5. Validate

The time slots of your online store are now visible to your clients and they can directly select the desired time slot for their order.

The configuration of your Webshop is now complete !

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