MiniPOS setup

Settings management – MiniPOS

In order to access to the settings, click on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Means of payment :

You can now setup the direct payment favourites and your payment method favourites for cashing.

  • Favourites

You can define two payment methods (max) for direct payments
Click on the transparent star to select
Click on the green star to deselect
Example : payment methods in cash and in credit card in favourites

  • Payment methods in cashing

Click on the grey switch to select
Click on the green switch to deselect


Favourite products :

This functionality allows you to put products in favourites in a dedicated section.

  1. Click on Favourite products
  2. Click on the section (on the right, in brown color)
    Click on the transparent star to select
    Click on the green star to deselect

On the note input screen, you can now see the new Favourites section.


About :

Here you can see information about the user account, the software version, licenses, contacts…


User identification :

From the main screen, click on the User icon, at the top left corner of the screen.
This user identification allows you to manage the sellers access rights by assigning a personal password. By default, the password is 0123. See the configuration on your Backoffice.


Information from the note 

A tab appears when you open a new ticket and allows you to manage the information from the note (for example the table number, the number of covers) in order to benefit from statistics and analyse your sales.

In order to setup the information from the note, you must go to your Backoffice. Click here for the online help.