Operating principles of the Loyalty module

The loyalty module is based on the concept of loyalty points or of an amount in pounds credited on the client’s loyalty account. Your client will benefit to each visit of a certain number of loyalty points or pounds which will be credited on his loyalty account, and which will then allow him to get certain products for free.

The rules for obtaining and using loyalty points will be defined upstream according to the possibilities defined below :

  • Definition of the number of points earned on each product
  • Definition of the number of points or pounds earned on one or several section(s)
  • Definition of the number of points or pounds earned per visit and / or according to the products purchased
  • Definition of the number of points or pounds earned per amount spent and / or according to the products purchased

As part of the configuration of a loyalty offer, it’s also possible to enable this offer on only one or several sales mode(s) and / or point(s) of sale.

Then, you define the products that the client can afford with his loyalty points by indicating the value of the product in points directly on the product card.

If you decide to create a loyalty offer based on an amount in pounds credited on the client’s loyalty account, then your client can spend his loyalty balance on all of the products you’re selling.

These various settings allow you to develop the sale of certain products by increasing the number of loyalty points that the product offers, to develop sales on a specific sales mode such as your Webshop or on a specific point of sale by proposing customised and more attractive loyalty offers to your clients.

Before cashing your client, you will be asked to enter the client’s phone number to create his loyalty account and identify your client on your cash register. The client will automatically receive a SMS for the creation of his account after his first visits in your store, SMS which is entirely offered to you.

The main objective is to save you time by avoiding the entry of client information and also avoiding errors when entering. The second objective is to offer an address book that is completed and automatically updated on your cash register based on the information entered by the client, address book that can be then exploited to send promotional offers or Birthday messages via SMS or Email and get your client back more often in your store.

The third advantage is for your client, who, from his account, will be able to view and follow the evolution of his loyalty offers, the history of his purchases, and the possibility of placing an order on your Webshop in a few clicks.

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