Sending of SMS for loyalty offers setup

In order to enable the sending of SMS to your clients, please click, from your Backoffice, on the tab SMS > SMS setup and fill in your IBAN.
You can set the number of SMS you want to send to your clients concerning your loyalty offers. The SMS sent are already set and automatically sent according to what you define.

Each SMS will be charged at the rate in effect on this page at the time of sending : http://fulleapps.com/tarifSMS.
Then, you will receive a monthly invoice showing the total number of SMS sent and the amount of the invoice will be automatically deducted from your bank account.

· From your Backoffice :
  1. Click on SMS
  2. Click on SMS setup
  3. In the Loyalty section, you have three possibilities to send SMS :
    – Regular client : this SMS is offered, it’s automatically enabled and you can’t disable it, it’s the SMS for the creation of the client account
    – Use of points : you can decide to enable this option if you want to send an SMS to your client when he uses his loyalty points
    – Offer reached : if you enable this option, your client will receive an SMS when he will reach a loyalty offer
  4. In order to enable or not the sending of these SMS, please switch the corresponding switch (green = enabled, grey = disabled)

The sending of SMS concerning your loyalty offers is now set and enabled.