Android app use

Manage client kitty / prepaid accounts

Activate customer kitty management

From the main screen :
  1. Click on My data
  2. Click on Means of payment
  3. Activate the mean of payment Client’s account / kitty


Customer kitty recharge

From the main screen :
  1. Click on Clients
  2. Choose or search for the customer and select him
  3. Click on the Client’s account / kitty
  4. Click on Credit the account
  5. Select the mean of payment used by your customer to pay and validate
  6. Click on Cash to finalize the receipt

The customer kitty recharge appears now on the Customer kitty tab. You can print a receipt for your customer.
You can also click on the bin icon in order to delete the customer pot recharge and refund your customer.


Using a customer kitty for a receipt

First of all, you have to make a new sale as always. In order to do this :

  1. Select the sales mode at the bottom of the main screen. A new ticket is opened
  2. Select the product section and the products you want, they appear on the note
  3. Create a customer or add one by clicking on the Customer button at the top of the screen. Make sure that the amount available on your customer’s kitty is enough to cash your customer, otherwise proceed to a recharge of the customer’s kitty (see above)
  4. Click on Invoice, the receipt screen appears
  5. Select Client’s account / kitty, indicate the amount and validate

If the ticket amount is higher than the amount available on the customer kitty, you can cash one part with the customer pot and another part with another payment method, otherwise the app will offer you to recharge the customer’s kitty.