Electronic Payment Terminals (EPT)

Ingenico Move 5000

Peering Ingenico Move 5000


· On the Ingenico device :

Go to the main menu with the help of the button at the top right of the keypad.
Then, on the touch screen of the EPT :

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Control panel
  3. Click on Terminal settings
  4. Click on Means of communication
  5. Click on PCL
  6. Tick Bluetooth and Validate with the green button
  7. Click on the return yellow arrow
  8. Click on Bluetooth
  9. Click on Peering phone

On your tablet, go in the Bluetooth settings and activate it, then select the name of your Ingenico device. This must be the same as the name indicated on your EPT.
Confirm the PIN code that appears on the EPT and validate the association on the tablet.
Your EPT now appears in the “Paired devices”section of your tablet.

You can now leave the EPT setup menu by clicking on the red cross.


· On your tablet :

  1. Open the application
  2. Click on Peripherals
  3. Click on Ingenico EPT
  4. Select your device in the list of available devices
  5. Tick or not the box for activating the printing and editing of tickets on this device
  6. Validate

Your device is now peered to your tablet and application.
At the next payment you will have to select the INGENICO EPT mean of payment and the amount will automatically be sent to your credit card device.

If the option “Ticket printing and editing on the payment terminal” is selected, you can also print the receipt on your credit card device.