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Configuration of reservations Webshop – Backoffice

29 July 2020 /

The management of reservations on your online store allows you to offer your customers the choice of reserving a time slot in order to take advantage of the service offered and thus anticipate the number of customers on site during the service. It could not be easier :


  1. Click on Reservation then on Configuration
  2. Define the description of the reservation visible to customers (example: Book online!)
  3. Define the number of people you want to allow for the reservation You can choose between 1 and 20 people, beyond your authorized choice a message “please call the merchant” will be visible to the customer.
  4. Define the minimum time between the reservation and the service, this must be calculated in minutes (A customer reserves at 10:30 am for 12:30 pm minimum = 120 minutes delay)
  5. Enter the maximum time between the reservation and the service, this must be calculated in days (example: a customer can book from Monday to Wednesday)
  6. Check Automatically accept reservations if you want incoming reservations to be automatically accepted, the customer will be notified by SMS.

If you disable this setting, you will need to manually confirm each reservation request.

  1. Click on Add a service and name it (eg Lunch)
  2. Choose the duration of the reservation and the number of people authorized during the time slot of the reservation. (Example: twelve people authorized for 2 hours)
  3. Indicate the days and the time slot of the service offered for the reservation

Info: To delete a reservation service, click on the 3 small dots to the right of the service, To modify a service click on the small pencil.

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