Equipments setup

NCR-Orderman MultiPOS setup

The MultiPOS functionality of your cash register app is now compatible with the whole NCR-Orderman handhelds range.
The minimum required version of the app is the 7.05.003 version.

This functionality will allow the exchange of notes between several devices, and this on the local network of the establishment.

· Among the main functions :
  • Enter or recall a note in remote mode
  • Search and unify by table number
  • Full or partial cashing at the table
  • Sending of the preparations to the kitchen in remote mode
  • Management of the printers : bar, desserts, warm, cold…
  • Production levels management
  • Note printing at the table (belt printers)
  • Possibility to cash the client at the table (connection with an Ingenico Bluetooth device)
· The compatible handheld models are :
  • Orderman 5
  • Orderman 5+
  • Orderman 7
  • Orderman 7+

Important : the handhelds must be initialised in Danube/ByOA/Android mode, radio mode and in the Europe region.
If the handhelds are already initialised with a different configuration, a “Factory Reset” will be necessary.

Factory Reset – This functionality can be used in order to reboot the handheld (on its base) to its factory settings. Careful, all data and device configurations will be deleted.
The Factory Reset must be carried out from the System Center.


System Center installation

The System Center must be installed on a Windows computer in order to configure, update and manage your Orderman Radio handhelds stock.

Click here to download the latest version of System Center 2 :

· What is the System Center 2 ?

The Orderman System Center 2 is necessary for the communication of the Orderman 5/7 and for the installation of Android or of a third-party Android party.

The Orderman Sytem Center 2 is used to configure :

  • The Base Station4
  • The Orderman5 and Orderman7 handhelds
  • The Orderman7 Service Station or Multi Service Station

The additional equipment that may be required to provide network functionality (Ethernet Switch, IP Router…) must be configured separately, if necessary.

All of the System Center 2 documentation is available here :

· Firmware update

Once the System Center is installed, you should update the firmware of all handhelds with Android 6.

  • Open the System Center 2 and click on “Orderman Files
  • Select “Add Firmware Packages
  • Choose “Or Select File” and select the firmware to upload

Here’s the link to download the latest firmware :

  • Press the “Upload” button, the firmare will be uploaded to the System Center and can be installed on the Orderman handhelds

· Updating a handheld

  • Return to the Dashboard tab, then go to the dashboard of the handheld, previously placed on its netword or USB base.
  • Select “Firmware Update” (the latest firmware is proposed by default), then “OK”
  • Wait during the update time

A Factory Reset is recommended after each firmware update.

The full official Orderman documentation explaining how to update the handheld firmware is available here :


MultiPOS connection

Please see the specific documentation for the MultiPOS connection :